I'm Inspired to...

I’m inspired to help my client and company succeed. CG’s business is directly impacted by my efforts — from increasing business with my current client to building new relationships that will help CG grow in the future. My success can be as great as I make it.

Outside the office

I am passionate about mentoring the youth of Charlotte, NC – I do this by working with Salvation Army, Crossroads Charlotte, and the Big Brother and Big Sisters Organization of Charlotte.

My Experience
  • Worked with a leading provider of home loans and insurance to help the client streamline their executive customer relations processes.
  • Partnered with a top 3 US Bank to optimize a decommissioning program aimed at accelerating the integration efficiency and cost savings of an application portfolio.
  • Worked with one of the world's largest automotive financial services companies, coordinating a cross-functional initiative to improve the operational processes of their retail banking subsidiary.
My Start Date

May 2010

Business Development

Clients call CG in when they have a top priority project – so I am on the front lines of the most important programs at the leading financial firms in the country.

Keenan, Business Development

At CG, I have gained a valuable and varied experience very quickly - both in consulting and business development roles. If I had joined a different consulting firm, or a large corporation, I’m sure I could have beeen heads-down working on the same project for years at a time. A few weeks ago I was helping one client succeed – and since then I’ve worked with several others. The pace has been unbelievable.

In my business development role, I use my consulting experiences to connect my clients with the right CG experts to successfully meet any challenge they are facing.

Leaders I Can Rely On

One of the things that has impressed me at CG is how closely CG’s senior leaders have carefully planned my next steps. It’s a great feeling knowing that people are watching out for me and have an interest in helping me succeed. It’s almost like a village environment. Plus, CG’s managers and directors are outstanding mentors — working with them is like learning from the best of the best.

High Energy, All the Time

Clients call CG in when they have a top priority project – so I am on the front lines of the most important programs at the leading financial firms in the country. That makes for a high-energy environment. We know that our clients need us to make them as successful as possible in the shortest timeframe. So everyone here works in high-gear all the time.

Collaboration is Key

A collaborative environment is critical in this industry and CG excels in this aspect. Outside of our internal collaboration, we work with our clients to break down the silos that exist within their own organizations. On all of my projects, expert consultants throughout CG are available if I need to tap their knowledge and insight. To use a baseball analogy, it’s like being able to bring in the perfect relief pitcher to face any batter.

A Master Class in Financial Services Consulting

I used to see business school as part of my future plans. But right now, I’m getting a hands-on business school education on every project that I join. Like learning from case studies, each project presents a client challenge that my team has to develop a plan and execute against. The variability in projects creates an opportunity for me to build a diverse business acumen that would not be available at other firms.